Today : Friday, September 22, 2017


-      Cooperating with the chancellor for better management of university’s administrative units

-      Handling university’s administrative purposes and the processes and workflows in different units

-      Coordinating various activities of covered units and commenting to solve the problems

-      Supervising the implementing all administration, employment, finance and legal laws and regulations of university

-      Reporting on the duties of its covered units to the chancellor

-      Decision-making about the working plan of its subcategories

-      Attending councils, commissions and meetings and commenting on different administrative, employment and legal affairs in the framework of university’s interests

-      Supervising, cooperating and commenting in preparation of university’s annual budget and suggesting it to the relevant authorities

-      Preparing and implementing staff welfare plans considering university’s facilities

-      Handling employment affairs and supplying human resources according to the relevant rules and regulations

-      Reviewing and suggesting regulations of faculty member employment to the relevant authorities

-      Cooperating with other vice-chancellors and independent units of university to achieve educational, research, student and cultural goals of university

-      Supervising security and law enforcement affairs with the cooperation of the university’s security unit

-      Performing all other duties assigned by the chancellor

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